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Happy Thanksgiving from Maid Right

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year?  Sure, you’re looking forward to spending time with family and friends, but thinking about the preparation alone can be exhausting. Sprucing up your home décor for house guests, sending invitations, creating the dinner menu…these are just a few of the tasks that need to get done before turkey day is here. You’ve got enough to do before Thanksgiving Day, not to mention after….

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Maid Right Offers Veterans Incentives To Start Their Own Cleaning Businesses

Maid Right honors our military veterans and their service by offering them special incentives to start their own residential cleaning businesses. The Maid Right business model relies on many of the same skills and disciplines learned in military training, making it a perfect, low cost way for veterans to start up and to grow a businesses of their own. One of our Maid Right business owners who cleans a set of…

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Holiday Season Gift-Giving Tips

Whether it’s a gift for a co-worker, gifts of appreciation for your child’s teacher, or presents for the onslaught of party invitations that come with the holiday season, it’s good to be prepared. Start by creating a spot in your house, perhaps a shelf in a bedroom closet, a chest or a drawer to store and organize your gifts and wrapping supplies. Then follow these tips to keep your gift…

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